Line to wait for release of iPhone7

There are the persons who have already lined up in Apple Omotesando (Tokyo) to buy iPhone7 or 7 Plus on September 16. They continue sitting down until release of iPhone7 in front of the Apple Store at 8:00 a.m. on 16th of the Japan time (in Eastern Time, 15th 18:00).

Apple Omotesando

Can’t get Jet Black

iPhone7 Plus and iPhone7 Jet Black color is very popular in Japan. Originally iPhone of the jet black has little number of the supply and is talked that only dozens of are sold around Tokyo. In addition, iPhone7 Plus is in a state in many shops without the arrival.

That was guided by iPhone7 Plus Jet Black model to order on the Apple online store, also delivered on November. Upcoming iPhone looks like released in fairly short supply.

The man in a central of the movie, red shirt is the top of the line. Because it is a rare scene, there are a lot of people taking a photograph. They enjoy it, too.