Asakusa Rediscovered by Foreigner Tourists

Asakusa Senso-ji Temple was a place visited by many people from hundreds of years ago. Stores line up in front of Senso-ji where many people come. This shopping street is also said to be the oldest shopping street in Tokyo.


The feature of Tokyo is newness

Tokyo is a relatively new city in Japan which began development for 400 years. Furthermore, Tokyo became the burnt field in the war 70 years ago. it is not exaggeration even if present Tokyo says the town which started 70 years ago.Therefore the characteristic of Tokyo is newness and gathers people from the whole world as the place where the latest fashion, the latest pop cultures gather.

On the other hand, the oldness of Tokyo is too unpopular. Senso-ji Temple was a symbol of the oldness of Tokyo and was a too deserted tourist attraction for a Japanese. However, in late years this situation changed. A foreigner found the traditional Japanese form, and started to visit much, and charm in Senso-ji started to be revalued by Japanese, too.

Many foreign tourists appear in the upper Time Lapse Movie of Nakamise Shoppoing Street.

Rental Kimono and Jinricksha


Senso-ji, Kaminari-mon, and Nakamise shopping street are certain sightseeing spots for many years. However, a lot of foreigner and young people come to come recently, and the new ways of enjoying increase for the tourist. Sightseeing by Jinricksha is the representative example. The Jinrikisha was transportation used in the times when Asakusa prospered most. It is popular to see the sights while enjoying a past atmosphere on this Jinrikisha. But the charge is set slightly highly. (30min, 70$-)

In addition, the people seeing the sights of Asakusa in the kimono of the rental increase. If just borrowing a kimono for several hours inexpensively, the rental price is set as $30 from $50. There are many people who do sightseeing in Asakusa while borrowing a kimono, and enjoying an old atmosphere of Japan.

The tourist spot a foreigner can enjoy, too

The staff who can speak English, Chinese, etc., respectively is also in a kimono rental store and a man-pulled cart. Therefore the foreign tourist became able to use it willingly, and Asakusa became one of the attractive place for a foreigner.

Not only Asakusa, a lot of foreign tourists come to come, and there are many places that became popular among Japanese again. A foreign visitor comes to be welcomed at the sightseeing spot in comparison with old days, and the environment that even a foreigner is easy to travel in is maintained. However, at the sightseeing spot which almost none of the foreigners visits, there is the place where a still exclusive atmosphere remains.