iPhone7 is going to support FeliCa, What is FeliCa?

Broomberg and Nihon Keizai Shinbun reported FeliCa to be loaded into iPhone7. It is not yet definite information, but it is the information from plural sources of information, and probably FeliCa will be carried in iPhone7.

What is FeliCa?


FeliCa is a standard of the non-contact IC cards used in Japan for more than 15 years. It’s defined as NFC Type F internationally, but there is not a country with this standard besides Japan. However, FeliCa is used as a ticket of the railroads widely in Japan. In addition, the electronic money of the FeliCa standard is spent for a convenience store and a drugstore, the payment in the fast food shop.


When using a railroad, the person who got in FeliCa is set as a fare inexpensively more than a usual ticket is bought. All except for that and the charge payment of a taxi and a bus can use FeliCa, and it is the non-contact IC card which spread very much.

Also available the FeliCa using electronic money and tickets are prepaid, without bank accounts. Therefore there is a merit even a foreigner tourist can use without difficult procedure.

If there are even electronic money and the ticket of the FeliCa standard in the urban area such as Tokyo, the wallet is unnecessary.

The congestion of the railroad wicket of Tokyo is special


The railroad of Tokyo is famous by being crowded very much. High-speed processing is required in FeliCa to process the ticket of a large quantity of passengers smoothly. It could pass a wicket in Apple Pay in the U.K., but reaction velocity was too slow, and it had it pointed out at the wicket of Japan not to be usable.

A large quantity of passengers pass a wicket at Shinjuku Station for approximately one day to be in the upper Time Lapse Movie. It is FeliCa to be able to handle this without back rent.

The Japanese iPhone user is looking forward to FeliCa’s being loaded into iPhone. But it isn’t only Japanese that the merit can be received. When the foreigner who comes to Japan has iPhone7, too, convenience of FeliCa can be experienced.