Hard to understand Transportation system in Tokyo

9 million or more live in Tokyo only in the center, and a large number of people gather as well as it from the neighboring cities. Therefore transportation develops highly.

Railroad, Subway, Streetcar, Bus


But there is hardly a person who understands the all detail because a transportation network developed too much highly. Transfer application for smart phones useful in recently, but still the bus should be used, in the subway to go, to walk, or do not know exactly.

One of the cause of complication of the transportation in Tokyo is a lot of the operating company. Railways are divided into JR and private railway companies, not connected to each other. Subways are also divided into operated by Tokyo Metropolitan Bureau of transportation and operated by private companies.


Even the bus bus route of the Tokyo Metropolitan Bureau of transportation administration and private companies operating lines are distracting. These, more street car and new transport system are added to a complicated transportation network.

Transportations reflected on the upper Time Lapse Movie are JR, the Shinkansen, a street car, a metropolitan bus, a bus of a private enterprise and a taxi. Much transportation also jumbles in the landscape of the intersection in front of the station.

Also a problem with a taxi

The taxi which should easily arrive at the destination has a problem. The way of Tokyo is complicated, and a taxi driver does not often know the way. In that case, it is necessary for a passenger to order a route finely.


In addition, Uber is available only in a center of Tokyo, and there is little number, and is hard to say to spread still more. The usual taxi is inexpensive and convenient than Uber in Tokyo.

It is often non-efficiency that a lot of traffic jams move the way of Tokyo by a taxi or Uber. It is difficult for it to travel the center of Tokyo effectively even in people knowing Tokyo well.