Typhoon 9 hits Tokyo Directly

Many typhoons come over to Japan every year. Tokyo is no exception, but it is rare that a strong typhoon comes to Tokyo. On August 22, 2016, typhoon 9 that relatively resisted Tokyo hit it directly.


Transport in turbulence


The navigation of a railroad and the airplane is canceled under the influence of a typhoon from morning on August 22. In addition, the company recommending teleworking for an employee appears. There are few people who walk the outside because of strong rain and wind at the time of the lunch break in Tokyo where a typhoon approaches.

It is expected that the typhoon runs through East Japan in the future, and the damage with the rainstorm is worried about. A harvest time of the rice which is Japanese typical agricultural produce is being met this time, and there is also fear of damage to farm produce.

Typhoon bring disaster and grace

When a strong typhoon runs through the Japanese Islands, much damage is given at a storm, a flood, a landslide, high tide. Dozens of people die by the damage of the typhoon every year in Japan. There is a great deal of tragedy which did not happen if a typhoon does not come.

However, the rain caused by the typhoon is indispensable to Japanese agriculture at the same time. The typhoon brings much rain in the wide range just to approach the Japanese Islands. This rain helped the cultivation of rice that had high yield, and many people were able to live in small land from old days.


Yields of rice decrease by the in late years age that irrigation facilities were maintained with a little rain and hit the income of the farmhouse directly. In addition, the rain caused by the typhoon serves the Japanese drinking water. If a typhoon does not come, the water of the dam dries up and may fall into suspension of water supply depending on an area. Shortage of water was worried about this year in Tokyo, but it is expected that the water of the dam becomes filled with water by the rain caused by this typhoon.

The typhoon is existence to bring important aquatic resources at the same time to bring the tragedy by the disaster in the Japanese Islands