54 seconds, the average delay time of the Shinkansen

Rail transport in Japan is very accurate at the time. A conductor apologizes only by arrival time having been delayed for one minute. If punctual trains are five minutes usually late, the passenger is irritated, too.


The world’s most punctual railroad, Shinkansen

JR Tokai which managed Tokaido Shinkansen last year announced that the delay time of the Shinkansen was 1.5 times. According to the explanation of Central Japan Railway, the delay of approximately 54 seconds per one train occurs on average of one year, and this turns worse from 36 seconds of the last year. The cause of the delay depends on the natural disaster such as a heavy rain or the earthquake, and in numbers that average delays of 54 means that runs almost without delay without disaster.


Photo (TC411-507)

The service schedule of the Shinkansen is managed by a unit for 15 seconds. When a trouble occurs and a train is late, a driver does operation which gathers speed and makes up for delay rather than usual. The structure which can cancel the delay for about several minutes easily now is prepared.

The roof of KITTE of the Tokyo Station side is the best to observe the service of the punctual railroad. Shinkansen, a commuter train and a limited express train are a strict schedule, and the state which departs and arrives can be visited.

More than two-hour delay in fee refund

However, the Shinkansen cannot win weather. It’s delayed substantially from the arrival time of the schedule all rarely by a heavy snow or heavy rain. If the arrival to the destination is two hours late from estimated time, an express fare is refunded. For example when having arrived in 2 hours late more than usual in a case to Kyoto from Tokyo, the part of the charge (4,870 yen) is paid back.

When having the ticket when taking it, refund is possible by the desk of the station and isn’t also necessary to entry on a form. Therefore even the tourist who can’t speak Japanese can get a refund easily. When going on a trip to Japan, it’s the knowledge it’s better to know.