Many problems, Tokyo Olympics Main Stadium

The Olympics site of next of Rio de Janeiro is Tokyo. However, with Olympics holding coming four years later, many problems have been already given in Tokyo. One of them is a main stadium problem.

Kuma Kengo

Reject Stadium proposal total cost 250 billion yen

At first, the Tokyo Olympic main stadium was in planned spending 250 billion yen. But this plan was given up because a possibility that the expenses add up more as well as the criticism that a building cost is too high had also come out. Try competition earlier this year and adopted Kengo Kuma in the construction plan design.

the first plan

the first plan

The construction costs reach 150 billion yen in this, so the criticism to large amount of construction costs is not settled. In addition, as for the plan to plant a large number of trees in the stadium, the increase of the maintenance expense is concerned about, too.To use more woods in building material, the problem that Olympic cauldron can’t be established in the stadium on the law is also pointed out.

There are still four years until Olympics holding, but the construction of the main stadium does not seem to advance as scheduled. Stadium construction site has become vacant, the preliminary work of construction is underway. There are not so many working heavy industrial machines now to be reflected in the animation.

Remote cause of Tokyo Governor dismissal

A lot of allied enterprises are planned to the holding of the Tokyo Olympics, and the stadium construction is one, too. A large amount of tax is going to be cast into business, and many suppliers and politicians gather around this tax.

Recent two Tokyo Governor are dismissed in the middle of the term of office. This cause is said to be the opposition with the influential member of the Diet in the Olympics allied enterprise. The concept called compact OLYMPIC planned at first was abandoned, and, as for the Tokyo Olympics, it was in the place that a politician and a company competed for how long it was profited.

Koike Yuriko

New Tokyo Governor

The new governor of Tokyo attends at the closing ceremony of the Olympics. The new governor promised to correct unjust expenditure to Olympics business and was elected with overwhelming support.The Metropolitan citizens expect the Olympics that it does not cost the expense for with a compact as originally planned.