the 2nd Shortest Railroad in Japan

Ueno Park is a place by the relaxation of the citizen enjoying from the past. There are an art museum and a zoo, a small amusement park in the large park and is full of many people. It became the news even that the main building of the National Museum of Western Art in Ueno-koen Park was registered with a world heritage as one of the building and the city planning of Le-Corbusier in July, 2016.

Ueno monorail

Photo taken by PekePON

Ueno Zoo

Ueno zoo

Photo (Kakidai)

Ueno Zoological Gardens in the park is the oldest zoo in Japan. Also the number of visitors in Japan abounding in 2.9 million people per year. When a panda was given for a friendship in the daytime by China, Ueno Zoo was in charge of breeding as a representative of the Japanese zoo.

However, in Ueno Zoo, a site is small to be in the inner city, and the animal is bred in relatively small space. To exhibit an animal at small space becomes unsuitable at the time, and Asahiyama-zoo in Hokkaido where an open site has been reserved is being popular and is drawing near in Ueno Zoological Gardens.

Monorail for movement in the park


The site of Ueno Zoo is small, but divided into West Park and East Park. Can walk between West and East Park, monorail still can be moved. This monorail is the second shortest in a route defined as a railroad by a law of Japan.

The full length of the monorail is 332m, and traveling time is 90 seconds. Business is being begun from 1957 and 830,000 people a year are being transported recently. As for the fare, an adult is cheap with 150 yen, but the monorail business achieves the black because a lot of users of the zoo use it.

The monorail leaves the station and arrives at the terminal immediately to be in the upper movie.Still only a moment can enjoy the scenery of Ueno from the high location, and it’s a vehicle popular with adults as well as children, too.

The railroad shortest in Japan


The railroad which is the shortest in Japan is a cable car in Mount Kurama in Kyoto. Service distance of the cable car is 200m, and the person who contributed it to Kurama dera temple is available free. The donation is fixed at 200 yen, and this is a substantial fare.