Tokyo Governor retiring

The Tokyo Governor who was going to become the host of the Tokyo Olympics retired from it on 20th. It was criticized that there were a lot of costs I begin to inspect overseas, and the thing to which the political fund was diverted privately after that was also made a problem.


From academics to politicians

Governor Masuzoe who resigned was a scholar with experience which graduated from the University of Tokyo and studied in the Paris university. He became popular in television appearances, had also become a Member of Parliament. Mr. Masuzoe was appointed the Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare for the Diet member era.

He was elected to the Governor been evaluated its political experience, had been forced to resign been criticized and expense it took to overseas visit is too high. It has also been criticism that in addition to the inspection cost was also traveling in the family with a political fund, but has lost the popularity of voters by the rebuttal to criticism.


He who experienced studying abroad to the Paris University was anxious about the terrorist incident in Paris. Just after the terrorism, Tokyo Metropolitan Government were lit up in the tricolor color and intention of a sorrow was expressed. In addition, Tokyo and Paris are sister cities.

The movie above is the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, which is lit up along with the sunset. It is revealed that the upper part is lighted up to three colors.

Tokyo Olympic Games

It is said that it affects it in preparation for Tokyo Olympic Games that the governors of Tokyo will be changed at this time. The next governorship will be over just before Tokyo Olympics holding. Therefore it is concerned about election period and Olympics period repeating.

stadium construction

Aborted stadium construction project

Tokyo Olympic Games is having emblem of plagiarism problem, stadium construction costs of the issue, holding cost estimates mistake of problems, problems such as bribery suspicion of attracting. There is not the influential politician who is going to become the governor of Tokyo in the doubt. Tokyo Olympics Games are full of difficulties in the future.