In June, Tokyo enters in rainy season

Japan, except for Hokkaido soon enter the rainy season. Okinawa has already entered the rainy season, until mid-July from June, in Japan a lot of rain falls.


The amount of rainfall for 1 year

The quantity of the rain which it rains in Tokyo in June and July is equal to a share for one year of Los Angeles. Therefore an umbrella is always necessary to see the sights of Tokyo in June. The days of rain also climbed to the observatory of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, not very view. (Order and Beauty in chaos, Rainy Shibuya Crossing)

Not only Tokyo, the greater the day of the rain in Japan anywhere. For this reason the Japanese do not like this season too. There is only the flower blooming beautifully in this season.

Season of a hydrangea

Hydrangea is known as the beautiful flowers blooming in rainy season in June. A hydrangea of Asukayama Park and Toyoshima-En is famous in Tokyo, and many tourists come.


Hydrangea of Asukayama park can watch for free. The train which runs through neighborhood and a hydrangea produce the fascinating view and are a photography spot popular with railway fans.

White hydrangea

An admission fee is needed to appreciate a hydrangea in Toshima-En. Toyoshima-En is an amusement park and can enjoy the attraction and various kinds of hydrangeas at the same time.

When the rainy season ends

The rainy season in Japan is over in the middle of July and greets midsummer. Summer of Japan is the heat that steamed specific East Asia. It becomes temperature 40 degrees on a hot day, and the humidity rises to 90%. Though it is like being in a sauna.

But summer is also the season can enjoy the nature of the sea and mountains, mountain climbing is crowded, the beach is a lot of people flooded with sea bathing.