The Back Stage of the History of Tokyo “SAKURADA-MON”

There is a palace where an emperor lives in the middle of Tokyo. The tourist cannot enter this palace. However, there is an open space in front of the palace and lets anyone there.



A gate which leads to an Imperial Palace Plaza is Sakurada-Mon. The gate still leaves form made in the Edo era. Therefore Sakurada-Mon Gate is appointed to the important designated cultural assets of the country and is protected.

Many tourists visit Sakurada-mon Gate every day as it is in the upper Time Lapse Movie.

Sakurada-Mon was the stage of history. In 1860, the prime person of the Shogunate was assassinated at this place by the local power which objected to a foreign policy of the Edo Shogunate. This case was called Sakurada-Mon Gai no Hen (means incident that occurred outside of Sakuradamon), and it was the case to influence the form of the present country of Japan.


Sakurada-Mon Gai no Hen

In addition, the assassination attempt case of the Emperor Showa occurred at this place in 1932. The criminal was a youth of the people from Korean Peninsula which Japan ruled substantially as a colony in those days.

In part of the running course

Sakurada-mon Gate which was the stage of the bloody history becomes a part of the running course now. Around the Imperial Palace is the signal without any, also is just a distance of 5km. Therefore the course popular with running fanciers.

koukyo running

Imperial Palace neighborhood is crowded with a lot of runners and also becomes a holiday. Public baths and eateries of information around the course is shared between lovers. Though it is in the downtown area, it is completed as a substantial course.