The First World’s Cultural Heritage in Tokyo

In Japan, the culture as the country began around 1,800 years ago. The center of the culture of that time was Kyoto and Nara, and it is from approximately 400 years ago that Tokyo played a Japanese key role.

The National Museum of Western Art

the New town

The history of 400 years is newer than other areas of Japan, and the traditional Japanese culture does not root in Tokyo very much. In addition, the center of Tokyo had become the burnt field in the war 70 years ago, and most of present Tokyo were grown after World War II. Therefore there are not more places enrolled in world’s cultural heritage than Kyoto and Nara.

The movie above is to walk through the Ueno Park, is a state to go to the National Museum of Western Art. People are a walk in the Ueno Park in the lot.

The National Museum of Western Art

For the first time in the Tokyo, The National Museum of Western Art will be registered with the World Cultural Heritage in July. It is a building of the modern architecture that Mr. Le-Corbusier designed to be registered. This building is the beautiful building which incorporated a characteristic of the modernism architecture in a design.

The National Museum of Western Art

The National Museum of Western Art were established took over the collection of Mr. Kojiro Matsukata who had made a fortune in shipbuilding. Mr. Matsukata bought an artwork in quantities in Paris and Berlin and kept the collection in Paris suburb before WW II.


The collection was requisitioned with defeat of Germany by the French Government, but was returned except a part. The returned artwork is a basis of exhibition of art museums. In addition, Bedroom in Arles (3rd version) is displayed in Musee d’Orsay without being returned.

La Porte de l'enfer

The main building registered with the world’s cultural and natural heritage was also constructed according to the return, and Mr. Corbusier designed, Mr. Maekawa Kunio did building management. Rodin’s La Porte de l’enfer exhibited in front of the main building is also the part of Matsukata collection, and can be seen for free of charge.

Modernism architecture and Japan

Japanese loves modernism architecture. It is said that thought to avoid excessive decoration is similar to traditional culture in Japan. The case that Mr. Corbusier’s pupils played an active part at the time when Japan grew economically again is also one reason that modernism architecture is loved in Japan.