Imperial Palace and Central Tokyo surrounded by a moat

Imperial Palace Emperor live is in the middle of Tokyo. The Imperial Palace is famous by being surrounded in a deep moat.


Defense facilities of Edo-jo Castle


This moat was made in order to defend the castle of the Shogun in the Edo era. Referred to as the inner moat the moat surrounding Edo-jo Castle, and has a structure that surrounds further outer moat outside. The general made the ditch improve to a local load. In the background that made a huge moat it was also hidden purpose to take the economic power of the lords.

Edo-jo Castle became impregnable thanks to this huge double moat. The armed forces did not conquer this castle in history. The late Edo period, the Meiji government forces were attacking the Tokyo is also not possible to attack Edo-jo Castle, it had been released to this castle in the negotiations.

Space of the rest of the Metropolitan citizens

Edo-jo Castle becomes the palace of the Emperor afterwards and becomes the valuable green belt of the downtown area. The outskirts of Uchibori become the running course, and people working in the downtown area enjoy jogging during the schedule of an interval of the work.

As in the video above, the moat has been integrated with the city as a green space. Also on top of the moat it is being built high-speed road.

Also along the moat of the Imperial Palace, also known as cherry blossoms, a lot of tourists to see the sights of the cherry blossoms come in the spring. The military installation of the old era becomes the place of recreation and relaxation for Metropolitan citizens now.

Chidori ga huchi

In addition, there was the foreigner traveler who was going to invade the Imperial Palace across this moat in the past. However hampered tight security and a large moat, its purpose was not achieved. Moat function as a defense facility still is functioning well.