Apple Store most beautiful in Japan

There is only 7 stores of Apple Store in Japan in spite of a market which accounts for 7% of the world sales of Apple. Most newly, the most beautiful store is Apple Store Omotesando in those.

Apple Store Omotesando

Approach of Meiji Jingu


Omotesando is one of the leading shopping zone in Japan. Omotesando began in that it has been developed as an approach to a shrine of Meiji Jingu, now it has become a place in which a large number of luxury brand stores and shops. Omotesando is rare in Tokyo, the wire is buried in the ground, is a beautiful as street trees were planted a lot.

It is May that Omotesando becomes most beautiful. The zelkova of the roadside tree lets new leaves grow thick at this time, and is beautiful, become green. There is Apple Store Omotesando in the point that walked the tunnel of the roadside tree.

The movie above is a state in walking to the Apple Store Omotesando through the bottom of the street tree from Harajuku Station.

2 years from the open

Omotesando open

Apple Store Omotesando was opened in June 2014. The fresh green is a beautiful season, the Omotesando Store was opened as the eighth Apple Store in Japan. Illustrations decorated with fresh green zelkova also on the walls of the store during the construction had been drawn.


Zelkova of street trees is changed to dark green through the short rainy season, it scattered with autumn leaves in the fall. This zelkova row of trees is famous for what is lighted up for a Christmas season. The fantastic illuminations become the new famous place of Tokyo.

Omotesando as the tourist attraction


Photo (Kakidai)

Omotesando is the perfect place to shop for luxury brands. Salesclerks of stores can often speak English, and a lot of tourists from the foreign countries come, too. In addition, shopping center Omotesando Hills is a masterpiece of the Japanese modern architecture.

Omotesando Hills, which was built demolition the Dojunkai apartment is the typical work of Tadao Ando architect. It is a feature, such as it is a low-rise building in consideration of the layout and landscape of stores that take advantage of the slope of the land. In addition, a part of the moisture society apartment got close to for a long time is left for the east edge. The waterway in front of Omotesando Hills is made as a thing expressing an inclination intentionally, too.