Highest Land Prices in Japan GINZA

Ginza has a high price of most land in Japan. The land prices of the neighborhood of intersection of this photograph are 40 million Yen at 1 square meter even at least (380,000 dollars).


Old DownTown Ginza

The heartland of Tokyo for 100 years or more is Ginza. Shinjuku and Shibuya are developed as the downtown area in recent years, and it is developing, but there are a lot of people who think Ginza is the center of Tokyo even now, too. A department store and the factory direct store of a luxury brand are located in a line with Ginza.

Clock Tower, which is in the motion picture is also that of KyuKyo-Do is one of the oldest department store in Ginza

Furthermore, in order to use the image of a high-class town, the flagship shop of GAP and UNIQULO are also located in Ginza. Also the first Apple retail stores in Japan have also been opened in Ginza.

A luxury Japanese restaurant is opened a lot in Ginza. About 200 dollars for one person are needed by the way, to have dinner at a luxury sushi store in Ginza. (A luxury tempura store is about 80 dollars)

Tourist from Asian countries

Asian (in particular Chinese) many tourists visit Ginza to enjoy atmosphere of Ginza and shopping, eating and drinking in the high quality shop. Sightseeing buses also come out in the movie much, and a lot of Chinese tourists take it there.


Photo (Rob Hooft)

There may be many tourists from Asia, and the salesclerk of a department store and the restaurant can often speak Chinese and Korean as well as English. The staff who speaks Chinese, of course also by Apple Store is always in the shop front.

Position of Ginza

However, the image to Japanese Ginza is not so good as old, high price. Now people gathered in a new city such as Shibuya and Roppongi in Tokyo, Ginza old image are becoming immobilized. In order to wipe away this image, the shop owners in Ginza offer lunch comparatively at a low price.


Photo (Yumi Kimura)

If the sushi store which the supper of 200 dollars carries out also goes in the daytime, lunch will be eaten for 30 dollars. Shops to provide at a relatively low price in other Japanese restaurants increase, and the image of Ginza is changing, too.