The Center of Consumption Culture, Shibuya Center Gai

Many youths gather in Shibuya. There are many clothing shops and restaurants around Shibuya Station and is full of gathering youths.

Center Gai

The middle of Shibuya, Center Gai

Center Gai

The center of Shibuya is Center Gai (means the center town). A center town is formed of one way and the alley which spreads from there. Small boutique and accessories shops crowd as well as big stores such as Forevert21 or Tower Record along the way.

In addition, there are many a ramen shop and conveyer-belt sushi restaurant, and there are many restaurants where a youth can have a meal cheaply. It attracts young people from the city around the holiday Center Gai, on weekdays are crowded with high school students after school. Security of Center Gai at night is a little worse. But it has improved compared to the old days in the patrol of the police officers.

Tokyu Department Store, Seibu Department Store

Tokyu 109

Shibuya is a town of the department store. Tokyu Department Store opens the store at Shibuya Station. In addition, there is Seibu Department Stores close to the station. The two department store has been leading the culture of Shibuya. Two of the department store has opened a lot of stores in Shibuya including group stores.

Loft and Muji to sell household goods was originally the group company of the Seibu Department Store. In addition, 109 is Tokyu group. These stores also shop representing the Shibuya. Also Tokyubunkamura there is a museum and theater is, of course, also of the Tokyu Group facility. The 1980s, around the time Japan had been enjoying an unprecedented economic boom, the two retail group had created a consumer culture of Japan.

Shibuya continues sending fashion information afterwards as the center of the youth culture in Japan. In 2014 the new commercial facility of Tokyu Group Shibuya Hikarie also has been completed. Shibuya still has continued to develop, its unique atmosphere is also popular in many foreign tourists even now.