Railway system in Tokyo, It’s complicated and artistic

Tokyo has developed in disorder from 420 years before.Therefore Tokyo roads are intertwined in a complex curve. The railway construction began from 140 years ago is the same.



The most important route by rail of Tokyo is circle-like Yamanote Line (the line green on the upper map). The running to penetrate the circular ring is Chuo line (the line orange on the upper map). In addition, many number of routes that extend radially from the main stations are making the Tokyo railway network.


Therefore railroad tracks are complicated and crosse by an overhead crossing complicatedly. In addition, the subway may run on the ground under the influence of the topography, so railroads and subways create unique scenes in Tokyo.

The movie above is the scene of the intersection of Chuo line (orange), Sobu Line (yellow) and the subway Marunouchi line (red). Sobu Line travels side by side with Chuo Line in many sections. But from this station ahead, Chuo line gose to the right side, Sobu Line goes to the left.

For Nearby is in the valley, Metro Marunouchi Line is running on the ground out of the underground. And Marunouchi Line goes into the tunnel to the basement again on the right side.


The railroad of Tokyo intersects complicatedly at many places as well as this place. Complex cross and precise operation of the railway has the artistic beauty.