West side of Tokyo Station is under construction

Tokyo Station is in the most important places in the railway lines of Japan. Number of passengers of the Tokyo Station is less than the Shinjuku Station and Shibuya Station. But for much Shinkansen to depart and arrive, it is also used for many people besides the commuter.


West side redevelopment progresses

The west of the station is called “Marunouchi” and becomes the largest business district in this country. The head offices of mega-banks (Mitsubishi UFJ, Mitsui Sumitomo, Mizuho) are there and it is the center of finance of Japan. Marunouchi is the area where, in addition, there are a lot of head offices of the huge company. Therefore Tokyo Station is the station which many businessmen use.


The Time Lapse movie above is the state of construction at west side of Tokyo Station.

If this construction is over, there are an open space and a taxi stand and a bus platform at the station square, and it is going to be at a more convenient station. This construction becomes the plan to be over in spring of 2017.


The history of Tokyo Station


Station of Tokyo Station has been completed in more than 100 years ago (1914). Almost no building in those days is left because remodeling and restoration are being repeated up to now from completion, but the style of the those days is restored for the outward appearance.

The Japanese 100 years ago had strong admiration in the West and built the station which played a Japanese key role in West-type architecture. The attracted feeling which was in the Japanese 100 years ago thinks it is taken over even now.