The World’s most Punctual Airport, “Haneda Airport”

Tokyo International Airport is recognized as the annual operating rate of the world in OAG Punctuality League 2015. It is the receiving a prize in the section for large-scale airports, but, as for the service rate, 91.25% separate other airports more than 3 points.


Aim of the whole airport


In Tokyo International Airport (popular name Haneda Airport), the airport operator, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport cooperate with airlines to aim at the service at the appointed hour. In the security inspection, service which gives priority to those who ride on the plane to be left soon is carried out. If there are likely to passengers missed the airplane, attendant is guided to the boarding gate with their luggage.

The movement of the luggage loading and planes also carried out standing very orderly. The upper Time Lapse Movie is the state of starting preparations of airplanes.

In addition, the facilities are gathered up compactly in comparison with an overseas huge airport. Therefore the movement of the user is possible relatively smoothly.An action of the whole such airport brings a result world’s most.

The number of users is the fifth in the world


Haneda Airport is the largest airport in Japan, it is also the fifth of the number of users in the world. Approximately 75 million people use Haneda Airport a year, and the most are domestic airline users.

A domestic flight had entered service much at Haneda Airport.It is morning and the evening that the airport is crowded most. It is crowded with airplanes toward the local airport from Tokyo in the morning and is crowded with the airplanes which leave from district Airport for Tokyo in the evening.


Taking off and landing as much as 80 times an hour is performed this time, and a security check place and a check-in counter are very crowded. A takeoff will be also waiting and you sometimes make wait for more than 30 minutes from departure to a takeoff.

Aircraft taking off and landing the Haneda Airport looks beautiful from the neighboring parks. The Time Lapse Movie above is the view from Jonanjima kaihinkoen park.