Good observation deck, the NEW Tourist Spot in Shinjuku

NEWoMan opened in spring in 2016 was a new famous place in Shinjuku. Skyscrapers of Shinjuku, busy commuter trains, bus terminal state.These views can be enjoyed free of charge.


View from the view place


View place on the 6th and 7th floors of NEWoMan is free admission, enjoy interesting scenery. The observation station became the new famous spot that could enjoy scenery of Shinjuku free in waiting time of train and bus.

Scenery, such as the Time Lapse Movie can also be seen form NEWoMan. Japanese trains have been operating on the basis of a very precise timetable, its accuracy is also said to symbolize the character of the Japanese people. This is also one of the scenes in character with Japan.

The largest bus terminal in Japan can be seen from this observatory. State of the bus terminal (Buster Shinjuku) has been introduced in the (The biggest bus terminal in Japan starts the business).

The restaurant is fulfilling, too


There are many restaurants in NEWoMan. On a fine day, the sixth-floor restaurant can enjoy a meal in very comfortable environment. But every restaurant is still crowded because NEWoMan is just after the opening.

By the way, in this building there was a plan to Apple Store to tenants. Japanese Apple Store was only a large road surface store, but when moving into NEWoMan, it was going to be Store which moves into the shopping center for the first time.


This branch plan seems to have suffered a setback by various factors. But it is certain that the concept of NEWoMan and the concept of Apple Store are similar.