Accelerated Ticket Gate, 3 million people use in a day

Shinjuku Station which 3 million people use in a day is the most users in the world. The ticket gate is crowded throughout a day.


First person wavers certainly

Shinjuku Station is not only crowded. Five or more stations combine intricately and form the big station. Therefore the person who visited Shinjuku Station for the first time wavers certainly.

The transfer at Shinjuku Station is difficult for a tourist, too. The attendant by whom English is understood stands in front of the ticket vending machine, but it’s also difficult for a ticket vending machine to arrive. Appearance of the complex underground of Shinjuku is written in (Underground huge Labyrinth in Tokyo).

Ticket pass with the IC chip


There are many ticket gates in Shinjuku Station. Therefore the congestion is broken up, but still it is necessary for one ticket gate to control the comings and goings of tens of thousands of people an hour.

The upper Time Lapse Movie is also 3 intense ticket gates of congestion at Shinjuku Station. It’s a railroad ticket for the IC card type to be useful at the crowded ticket gate. The information on a ticket is recorded on an IC card, touches the reader installed in the gate and makes it read.

The time required for reading is 1 seconds per person. The reading rate quite faster than ticket gate passage by Apple Pay which comes to practical use in the United Kingdom already.

IC card is also recommended to tourists


This IC card can be used for fare payment of a bus and payment in a convenience store. The balance of an IC card is also assignable to the part to pay at a store. It is convenient to purchase an IC card if you stay about one week in Tokyo.

500 yen is collected as deposit at the time of the purchase, but 500 yen is refunded if you return the card. It is better to keep the card balance to 0 yen at the time of return.