Underground huge Labyrinth in Tokyo

An underground city is developed to use small land effectively in Japan. The surrounding large station, there is always a large underground shopping center.


Shinjuku labyrinth


The underground shopping center of Shinjuku is the biggest in Japan. The aisle is complicatedly, and the total length distance also reaches 10km. Tourists who entered the underground mall is sure to get lost. A GPS of smart phone can’t also be used because it’s underground.

However, the underground shopping center is usable very usefully if used to the underground passage. It can move from a station to the destination, without getting wet to rain, and there is neither a signal nor a crossing. When passing the underground city, it’s possible to go to the destination by the most short distance.

Many Shinjuku Station


The general underground shopping center spreads out around the subway station. In Shinjuku, the underground center which spreads from two or more subway station combined with each other, and developed greatly.

JR Shinjuku Station, Odakyu Shinjuku Station, Seibu Shinjuku Station, Keio Shinjuku Station, Toei Shinjuku Station, Toei Shinjuku Nishiguchi Station, Tokyo Metro Shinjuku Station, Shinjuku-Sanchome Station. Underground mall with these stations are attached to form the Shinjuku underground labyrinth.

The upper Time Lapse Movie is a state of underground shopping centers from metropolitan Shinjuku Station to Tokyo Metro Fukutoshin Line Higashi-Shinjuku Station. It is just one copy of the labyrinth of total extension 10km, but the underground shopping center is crowded very much and understands that there are many stores.

Underground big town

There is everything in the underground city. Restaurants, convenience stores, cosmetics shops, grocery stores, Shoe Shine, lottery sales floor, bank, blood donation room, bookstore, department stores, electronics stores. All things are connected underground.

The charm of Shinjuku is not only ground. The big space spreading out underground is a characteristic of Shinjuku. Of course it is impossible that a tourist enjoys all the underground shopping centers by the stay of a few days. Even a person living in Tokyo for years loses the way in an underground shopping center of Shinjuku.

It is very difficult for a tourist to fully feel the charm of the Shinjuku labyrinth. However, a treasure should be buried in the depths of this labyrinth.