Another entrance of Tokyo, “Rainbow Bridge”

Tokyo Rainbow Bridge


The suspension bridge named Rainbow Bridge is connected with a new town that reclaims from Tokyo Bay. The reclaimed land is called Odaiba, and an amusement park and a shopping center, apartment complexes, a TV station, office buildings are built there.

This bridge is designed as even the large passenger boat is able to pass, because it is laid in the entrance of the Port of Tokyo. The height of the bridge was made in reference to the height that queen Elizabeth II could pass the bottom. When coming to Tokyo by ship, Rainbow Bridge will be a front door of Tokyo.

Hinode Pier


This Time Lapse Movie was taken at Hinode pier. The water bus that toward Asakusa or Odaiba is arriving and departing to Hinode Pier. In addition, the pier is famous as a place of the departure and arrival of the sightseeing Cruise ship of Tokyo Bay.

The ship was docking to the pier in the movie is also a tourist boat to tour Tokyo Bay. This ship operates not only daytime but night, and is used also for the party onboard. The Hinode pier is still a 20-minute walk from Hamamatsucho Station of the JR Line, a 1-minute walk from Yurikamome (new transportation system) Hinode pier Station.

Tokyo and sea

Tokyo has developed as a town which touches the sea for many years. Therefore marine transportation and fishing were typical industry in Tokyo in the old time. As for modern Sushi, the thing which cooked a fish produced in the Tokyo sea near the shore (Edo-mae : meaning “in front of Edo”) becomes the model.


However, the catch of fish is decreasing with the water that flow from the city and also the fishing ground is decreasing substantially with that reclamation went on. It has already reclaimed land from 20% of the area of Tokyo Bay.