The middle of Tokyo, Roller Coaster through the Building

There are a lot of big amusement parks around Tokyo. Tokyo DisneyLand is in Chiba next to Tokyo. Though land is small, there are also several small amusement parks in downtown in Tokyo. One of them is Tokyo Dome City.


Baseball, hot spring, amusement park

Tokyo Dome is the home of the most popular baseball team in Japan. Moreover, it is famous also for a pop singer holding a concert. Big artists such as Michael Jackson, Madonna, the Rolling Stones concert at Tokyo Dome.

And recently, hot spring has been installed around Tokyo Dome. Therefore around Tokyo Dome is the rare amusement complex where the amusement park, the hot spring, the baseball field were combined.

Roller coaster through the building



The feature of the Tokyo Dome amusement park is a roller coaster. It runs through a narrow park at breakneck speed. The roller coaster passes through the middle of the Ferris wheel and goes at a violent speed in a hole opened in the building. The place that can enjoy such a roller coaster in Japan is only here.

Sightseeing information


Tokyo Dome amusement park is entrance fee no charge. Vehicles unlimited ride ticket is 3,900 yen (about 35 dollars), Vehicles unlimited ride ticket from the evening is 2,900 yen (about 26 dollars). Hot springs admission fee is 2,634 yen (about 24 dollars), which is to set higher than the price of a typical hot spring.

Location is the middle of Tokyo. It is immediate from JR Suidobashi Station, subway Korakuen Station. The amusement park is opened until 9:00 p.m. As the night is also in the video above, it becomes a different scenery and daytime is light up.

Source: Tokyo Dome City