60-year-old BAR district remains even now in Tokyo

Tokyo is always converted newly. The old building is broken, and a new, clean building is built. Construction is always carried out in Tokyo, and the cityscape is maintained, and the road is remade straight, and the sidewalk opens, and a roadside tree is planted.


However, there is the place left behind.

Section in Shinjuku, Omoide Yokocho

The side of the track of Shinjuku Station where many trains go back and forth immediately has a place unrelated also to a skyscraper and a roadside tree. The Time Lapse Movie also shows that there is only a low building only in the section. A pawnshop and a low-price bar crowd at this place. It is not less than the size 10 square meters of one of the bar, many bar that only a few people do not put the customer.

This area is this figure much since the 1950s. It remains as an old figure while a casual clothing chain opens a store at a large-scale store, and a department store sets up the shop in the neighbor to go without being developed at all.

The history of war and the revival

Not only Shinjuku, Tokyo became the ruins in World War II. All the wooden houses burnt down, and Tokyo became the very large burnt field. There was a big station in Shinjuku, and a black market of goods which are being sold by an illegal channel was formed out of the food which is being carried from an agricultural area and U.S. forces in the burned field.


People gathered on the black market, bars were opened, gambling houses were made. Most were made illegally, but were a thing necessary for people to live in the town which went to ruin. The bar made illegally gradually fixes the appearance as the store, and it is Omoide Yokocho that they crowd, and there was.

There are many problems, too

Small buildings are to crowd around a thin lane, and danger of fire in this area is always pointed out. In addition, it is difficult to rebuild a timeworn building legally, and, there are a lot of shops which continue being open as a timeworn store.

Photo : Kentin

Photo : Kentin

But its unique landscape has become popular with foreign tourists. Appearance of this compartment is also one of the few 60 years ago landscape seen in Tokyo.