The most Beautiful Season Arrives at Meiji Jingu

The cherry blossom is scattered in Tokyo, and the season changes to next. This season, Japan has a very beautiful fresh green. The gentle sunlight in spring and vivid green produce the fresh scenery.


Meiji Shrine full of fresh green


There are many green tracts of land in the inner city of Tokyo, but there are not many places where a general person can enter. But Meiji Shrine has always opened its doors to tourists, it is possible to enjoy the beautiful fresh green of this season.

Forest of Meiji Shrine was made about 100 years ago. The trees are so wanton luxuriantly that it doesn’t seem an artificial forest in now, and the solemn atmosphere is being made. The worshiper walks to teh main shrine through the approach road among these fresh green.

This Time Lapse Movie is the state of the approach to Shrine from Harajuku station to the main shrine (about 1 kilometer).

Shrine worshiping founder of modern Japan


About 150 years ago, Japan was reborn to the time of the emperor from the time of the samurai. The first Emperor is the Emperor Meiji dedicated to by this shrine. Solemn atmosphere of the Meiji Shrine is for keeping this great emperor of dignity. Worshiper is calm feeling while walking the long approach, engrave in mind the dignity of the main hall, which appears at the end of the winding road.

Many tourists come now from the foreign country, and such solemn worship is not carried out very much. However, there are a lot of people praying calmly.

Dedication liquor


Dozens of sake barrels are displayed in the middle of the approach to Meiji Shrine. The liquor offered up from a various part of Japan is displayed, and that place is a spot of commemorative photography.

Wine and the whiskey are dedicated as well as sake by the foreign country, too, and the barrel is displayed, too. For sake in Japan it has been treated as sacred, to be dedicated a drink in the shrine have been performed well even now.

Tourist information

Meiji Shrine is a short walk from Harajuku Station Yamanote Line. The Shrine is open gate in accordance with the sunrise of the time, the closed gate to the sunset of the time.Meiji Shrine of the early morning show a mysterious beauty because there are few tourists.