The most Dangerous and Gorgeous Town “Kabuki-Cho”

Shinjuku Kabuki-cho is an eminent entertainment area in Japan. A large number of pubs, pachinko parlors, karaoke stores and discount shops are crowded in Kabuki-cho. However, security of this place is not very well in Japan, are many Japanese to avoid this place.


But the control reinforcement of the police is also influential in recent years, and it’s said that the peace tends to be convalescent. Moreover, the atmosphere of Kabuki-cho is becoming bright because many tourists from a foreign country came to visit. The violence decreased now, but there is no end to the troubles that a large amount of rate is demanded from in a restaurant.

Kabuki-cho without Kabuki


This area is called Kabuki-cho, but kabuki has not been performed at Kabuki-cho. There was a plan to build a kabuki entertainment hall on this background that became a burned field by World War II, and making a name into Kabuki-cho then was determined. But kabuki theater wasn’t constructed after all.

Seibu Shinjuku Line started business after that, and development was furthered as an amusement center. It was the town of the entertainment that a lot of concert hall and movie theaters were located at first. However, those closings succeeded one another as the picture show of Japan declined. Now, it is a peculiar town where a bar, a cabaret, and an adult entertainment shop crowd.

The movie above is the state of the current Kabuki-cho. Daytime is relatively quiet, but further crowded with people who come to play in Kabuki-cho at night.

Godzilla became attractions


The art object of the Godzilla which appeared in Kabuki-cho surprised not only the Japanese but also the foreigner. Many tourists take a photograph backed by Godzilla now. The Godzilla became the new tourist attraction of Shinjuku.

Godzilla was installed as a feature of the maximum movie theater in Kabukicho. This art object is lighted up at night and sees the terrible face which is different from the daytime face.