The Vehicle most Dynamic in Tokyo

In Tokyo, there are a lot of vehicles such as railroads, subway lines, buses, taxies, new transport systems and street cars. Among these vehicles, it is Tokyo monorail to be able to enjoy the dynamic scenery.

Connecting Haneda Airport and Tokyo



Tokyo Monorail is a short line of the full-length 17.8km connecting Haneda Airport and Hamamatsu-cho. But the car window seen from the Tokyo monorail has many varieties. Starting station is located in downtown Tokyo, the monorail runs to close the valley of the building. The monorail travels side by side with a ship in Tokyo Bay and arrives at the airport afterwards passing through the undersea tunnel.

As can be seen in the Time Lapse Movie, view from the top vehicle is the scenery like a roller coaster.

18 minutes to Haneda Airport

To Haneda Airport from Hamamatsu-cho, to arrive in 18 minutes in the shortest possible by Tokyo Monorail. The monorail has become a major transportation connecting Haneda Airport and Tokyo.


An international flight terminal is established in 2010 at Haneda Airport, and a little international flight has also entered service. Haneda Airport is much closer to Tokyo than Narita Airport, which many international flights are flying. Therefore flights arrive and depart Haneda Airport is popular.

Not only Airport


Tokyo Monorail is convenient to go to the airport. But it is also useful when you go to a location other than the airport. There is Ooi racetrack and is convenient along the line to go there.

Oi-racetrack is famous for horse racing’s being held in night. The final race is to start in 50 minutes at 8 pm, after work, it is also possible to go back playing in the racecourse.  Night of the race is unusual, a lot of people come to watch.