Around Shibuya Station Congestion in the re-development

Shibuya is one of the towns where most people gather in Tokyo. There are a lot of universities and high schools around Shibuya, and Shibuya has developed as the town where young people gather from the past. And Shibuya is the center of the Japanese youth culture even now.


Clothing stores, eateries, and karaoke shops for young people are milling around in a narrow area in Shibuya. Therefore the town of Shibuya becomes one of the towns crowded most in Japan. Scramble crossing in Shibuya is famous, it was born in order to its intersection also be cross efficiently a large number of pedestrians.

Shibuya (Photo by Hide1228)

Shibuya (Photo by Hide1228)

Currently, the east side of Shibuya station has been carried out redevelopment work of the station square. Construction which builds a new station building simultaneously at Shibuya Station is also performed. A construction vehicle runs through the way which became small by large-scale construction, and the town is more crowded.

The east side of Shibuya Station is far from the orderly state to understand it from an upper photograph and YouTube video. Many large vehicles run on the narrow way, and the railroad which intercrossed comes and goes. This is the view which symbolizes a Japanese small town. By the way, the railroad which runs through the 3rd floor of ground (the screen left side) is the subway.

Why the subway is running over the normal railway. This is affected by the terrain of Shibuya. Place name of Shibuya is derived from the narrow valley. A place name also shows that this land was a small valley originally. Because a town was organized in the small valley, the town was crowded, and a subway came to run on the ground.


Scramble crossing in Shibuya is also famous for the foreign tourists. Not only the intersection but also a scene from Hikarie in the east sides of the stations is representative scenery of Shibuya.