The Narrow street, the Centre of Japan’s “Kawaii”

A young Japanese woman expresses much feeling by Kawaii. Funny, cute, adorable, small, rare is also expressed in Kawaii. The place that Kawaii condenses is Takeshita Street in Harajuku.

Width 5m, 350m in total length


Takeshita street is a short street of about 350m. The road width is very narrow in the 5m, it is difficult even to pass each other a lot of people. However, it becomes the great congestion in the young woman who came over from the local city and tourists on a holiday. For the first time, people saw the congestion of Takeshita street, to misunderstand what the festival has been held.

The upper Time Lapse Movie shortened the state that walked the street of 350m for 45 seconds.



Souvenir shops for tourists and clothing shops, cosmetics shops, outfitting general shops, toy shops for young women open a lot at Takeshita street. Anything sold here is inexpensive and something unusual is popular with many foreigners, too.

the Crepe is famous


Specialty of Takeshita street is a crepe. Since it is eaten walking also on a narrow way, many crepe stores are opening a shop here. There are many confectioneries for youths as well as crepe, and a popular shop can stand in line. A crepe is also a pronoun on Takeshita street, so there are many people contributing a picture of the crepe bought here to SNS.

Cautions are also required

There is a shop which is going to sell a product forcibly to a tourist coming to Takeshita Street. Some price is also more expensive products in comparison with the quality, it is necessary to pay attention. There is also an example to sell inferior products attracting customers to say discount only now.

However, this disorder is also one of the feature of Takeshita street.