The most Eccentric form Building in Tokyo

Tourist attraction of Asakusa

Asakusa is the spot where is popular among not only the Japanese but also the tourists from the foreign countries. Many tourists visit Asakusa towards Senso-ji Temple, but the place where they are attracted first is not Senso-ji Temple.


If it arrives in Asakusa and comes out on the ground from a subway station, the building which carried out the peculiar form will go into eyes first.

This Time Lapse Movie is the scenery which went out of subway Asakusa station and took a picture from Azuma-bashi which is immediately. At first the tourist who arrived at Asakusa takes a photograph backed by this building.

Art building in Asakusa


These buildings are the corporate headquarter buildings and the concert hall which Asahi Breweries established. French artistical Philip Starck designed the art object on the concert hall. The building images beer poured into a beer mug, and the art object images flame. But the concert hall is closed in March 2016, repair work begins.

For the novel shape, this buildings are new famous place in Asakusa. A restaurant is in the beer mug-shaped building, and even a tourist can enjoy beer and cooking there.

Water bus and Asakusa


It is convenient for Asakusa to go by subway. However, it is interesting to go by water bus. From the Sumida River flowing through the old town area of Tokyo, it shows various scenery of Japan. Old town, recently developed ultra- high-rise apartment, Tokyo Sky Tree, the bridge which was built 90 years ago, etc,. The scenery from a water bus has many interesting things.