Roppongi Station, “the Deepest Station in Japan”

13 metro lines are in Tokyo. A route newest in that is Toei Oedo Line.

Oedo Line (Photo : Nyohoho)

Oedo Line has had to pass through the bottom of the other subway, running a very deep place in central Tokyo. The neighborhood of Roppongi where a metro line in particular is complicated runs at the deep place, and, in Roppongi Station, it is in the station of the subway in the place deep most in Japan.


Roppongi Station is home to the location of the depth of 42m, the user is directed to the ground exit by combining a plurality of long escalator. When it goes at Roppongi Station to an exit using stairs, about 200 steps will be reached. This difference in height is comparable to the 12 story building, has become a specialty of Roppongi Station.

The Time Lapse Movie above is the state toward the exit of the stairs Roppongi Station.

By the way, Yoshioka submarine station in Seikan-tunnel was most famous as the station in the low location in Japan. This station was used for a tour in a tunnel as the station in the place with deep best in the world in the location of the submarine 149m. However, it was abolished with the Hokkaido Shinkansen opening to traffic in March, and the station in the lowest place became Roppongi Station in Japan.

Roppongi embassies in Japan is dense around the world, also there is also a Japan branch offices of foreign companies and US military facilities. Therefore there are a lot of foreigners and it isn’t also unusual that English is understood at stores in Roppongi.

The National Art Center view from Roppongi Hills

The National Art Center view from Roppongi Hills

The sightseeing spot of Roppongi has many things of art relation, such as the Roppongi Mori art museum, the National Art Center, and Suntory Museum of Art. Around Roppongi Station is one of the places where art related facilities crowded most in Japan.