The bloom time of the cherry tree, the weather are bad

The time when a cherry tree blooms, the weather in Tokyo isn’t fine.


A cloudy day continues and there are few chances to enjoy a beautiful cherry tree under the blue sky. In addition, there is many it on the day when not only there are many clouds in the sky, but also it is surrounded by fog. This is called “Haru Gasumi (spring haze)” from old days, too and becomes the pastime that gives poetic charm to this season.

There are multiple causes that view worsens in this time, various parts of Japan. While also influence spring-specific weather, dust flying from the Gobi desert (China) is also the cause of the poor visibility.


This phenomenon in Japan are well known is called “Ko-Sa (yellow sand)” from the old days. The poetry that read Ko-Sa is recorded in the book of verse 1,200 years ago.This poem, Ko-Sa tells the coming of spring, appearing as a joyful thing. But now the Japanese do not have a good impression in the sand as in past.

A hometown of the Ko-Sa, Chinese economic growth is remarkable, and the air pollution adds to acuteness with it, too. It can be seen that the contaminant is flying with yellow sand, spring tradition has come to be considered the cause of illness.

But there is no need to be wary of extremely Ko-Sa. The day that Ko-Sa is observed, a year less than ten days in western Japan, in the East is less than five days. It is often visibility is poor in early spring in Tokyo, but the yellow sand is affecting is only a few times. This is not at a level to be less of a concern.