The sacred place made politically, Meiji Shrine

There are very large green tract of land many in the downtown area of Tokyo. The most are places in conjunction with the Imperial Family. Therefore there are many places of the Closed to the Public, too, but Meiji Shrine can go in and out freely.


What is Meiji Srine?

Meiji-Jingu is the shrine which deified Emperor Meiji as God. There are many shrines with history in more than 1000 in Japan, but history in Meiji Shrine is still about 100 years. However, this young Shinto shrine caught the national protection and came to be counted in one of the Shinto shrines on behalf of Japan.

Although now is the Meiji Shrine, which is located in the middle of the big city, construction at the time it was a place where forests and grasslands are spread. The atmosphere before construction remains in the woods of the present precincts of the shrine.

Meiji Srine, Silence in the city

Meiji Srine is in the close vicinity of Harajuku Station, and exists in the urban bustle. In addition, it is hard to say the quiet place because many tourists come. However, there is the place that can experience “quietness in the city” in the place that walking a few minutes from Meiji Shrine.


A park in front of the museum of Meiji Shrine’s treasuries is a lawn open space of a one baseball field share. However, there are few coming people in this park, and it has to place that has been isolated from the urban noise.

New Year’s Pray, Wedding

Meiji Shrine is a shrine that has received the national asylum, and has also become a center of religious activities of ordinary people as well as other shrines. Many persons visit Meiji Shrine to pray the well-being of one year on January 1 every year.

Edomura no Tokuzo

Edomura no Tokuzo

In addition, a wedding ceremony is always held in Meiji Shrine. Even visited Meiji Jingu sightseeing, it is also possible to sights the ceremony. A ceremony is held in conformity with a tradition style of Japan, and bride and groom’s costume also puts on traditional clothes. With any luck, it is possible to touch on Japan’s traditional events in the Meiji Shrine.