Costarring of iron culture and wooden culture in Tokyo

There is a huge temple in the business district of Tokyo. The temple is called Zojo-ji, is protected by Shogun in the Edo Period and is a temple which prospers greatly. The part of the site is a hotel also is a park and is a site of the radio tower at present.

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This radio tower is famous Tokyo Tower. Tokyo Tower that is a steel tower of height 333m was sending a radio wave of a television and a radio until these days. The role as the television tower is over now because the Tokyo Skytree of 666m in height was completed. However, maintenance is still continued as emergency facilities.


Zojo-ji Temple existed in the 14th century, but it is the Edo era (17th century) that it came to prosper in particular. It was moved to the present place by the founder of the Edo Shogunate, Ieyasu Tokugawa, and was considered as the temple which deifies the ancestor of the Tokugawa family. Zojo-ji was protected by Shogun and maintained power. However, the making of country led by the Emperor was carried out after the Meiji era, and the power of Zojo-ji declined.

Zojo-ji was burnt down by the air strike 71 years ago, and the part destroyed by fire has become the site of the hotel without being revived. Hotel is open still, it is famous as a luxury hotel to collect a large number of users.

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Tokyo Tower and Zojoji is quite different was built era. The shape of the building is also different. Of course, building materials is also different. Comparison of the two buildings has entertained a lot of tourists. Tokyo Tower is lit up along with the sunset, to highlight the beautiful appearance. On the other hand, Zojo-ji sounds the bell with sunset, and time of the quietness begins.

Sight of the two buildings are those iconic representing the tradition and technology of Japan. The movie above is a time-lapse video from sunset to tight up.