Order and Beauty in chaos, Rainy Shibuya Crossing

A scramble intersection is to separate passing of a car from a person, and congestion and an accident are being reduced. Therefore it is installed in the downtown area with a lot of amount of traffic of the car and pedestrian.


The scramble crossing in Shibuya is the most famous also in it. The view by which hundreds of pedestrians cross the road simultaneously is sometimes also the astonished view in an eye of Japanese as well as a tourist.

It is in particular the night of Friday that it is crowded. The people who work around Shibuya and the people who go to school gather in the downtown area in Shibuya to enjoy night on a weekend. The scene of the free intersection when it was crowded is the best part. In addition, many colorful umbrellas makes colorful scenery on the day when it rain. The congestion of Shibuya is a famous spot of sightseeing.



The most suitable place to watch the intersection is Starbucks coffee. Many people take a photograph in the second-floor window seat. This video is also one that was taken at the Starbucks.


Photo : Rs1421

The free Wi-Fi spot is established in all Japanese Starbucks shops. Although Facebook or Twitter needs to be accounted for connection, it connects with SSID (_STARBUCKS Wi2_) , and if a browser is opened, it can connect for free and easily.