Famous places of the cherry tree in Tokyo

In late March, cherry blossoms become in full bloom in Tokyo. Cherry blossoms in full bloom in about a week from flowering, and become scattered all in about a week. Japanese are looking forward to the nature of the art of the moment every year.


Many famous places of a cherry tree are located also in Tokyo. There is also a wonderful cherry tree in a small park, and when the flower will be in full bloom, it’ll be the impressive view. And in places where a lot of cherry trees are planted you can enjoy the spectacle more powerful.

Cherry blossoms and rape blossoms can be enjoyed at the same time in the vicinity of the Higashi-Nakano Station. While a train is coming and going, the sunlight in spring and flowers make the very beautiful scenery.


The cherry tree planted in a bank is in bloom near Yotsuya station so that may look down upon a train. Here, the party of cherry blossom viewing is also held.


Chidorigafuchi that have the north side of the Imperial Palace is also a lot of spectators visit. A moat and the comparison of the cherry tree are very interesting. It’s also possible to appreciate a cherry tree in the evening here, and the fantastic view can be enjoyed.


The cherry trees of Inokashira park are unique. Cherry trees are reflected in the pond in the park and can through the pond with a small boat. Many tourists come at the time of the cherry tree, but can enjoy a cherry tree calmly when they go early in the morning.